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Thinking Outside the Basket

Schuyler Pond - Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thinking Outside the Basket:

Creating A Thoughtful & Enduring Easter Basket 

When you picture Easter baskets, your image needn’t be that of the plastic, pastel Easter baskets from your youth.  An Easter basket can be sophisticated.  Fun. Surprising. It can even be reusable.

This year, we found some incredible goodies, including these English garden cement baskets and gunny sacks. Fill them with the usual — or unusual — and use them over and over again.  The interiors of these enduring vessels are waterproofed, so they can be used for cut flowers as well.

OR … How about a beautiful ceramic mug filled with a small spring plant and a chocolate bunny?  Once the chocolate has been eaten and the plant removed, your recipient will be left with a beautiful mug – painted to look like enamelware — to collect and reuse.

Sick of hard-boiled eggs?  Fill your basket with some thoughtful treats … fragrant egg-shaped soaps … a live ivy topiary ...  a jar of Sundaes Best hot fudge sauce … colorful Spring dish towels …. gourmet teas … and the list goes on.

This Easter, think outside the basket! Create a gift anyone would love using a vessel that is not only beautiful, but a ‘forever’ basket that will be treasured long after Easter is over.

Quality Found

Schuyler Pond - Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jeff Gold, president of Taylor Scott, explains the Essential Qualities of Furniture constructed to Look and Feel Good for Years.  

Frame. Foam, Feathers, Fabric & Craftsmanship.

The Key Components to Heirloom Quality Furniture.

One of the brands we are most proud to carry is Taylor Scott, a CA-based company that produces beautifully-crafted sofas, love seats, media pits, club chairs, benches, etc., upholstered or slipcovered.  Prices for a standard 88” T-back sofa range from $3100 to $3800 depending on the fabric. Sizes and styles can be customized as well.

By comparison, one 88” offering at a poplar catalogue company costs $1700 to $2600; others are more depending on the fabric. For most people, all of these prices represent an investment – in your home, your comfort, your family, yourself. Is it worth it to pay the extra?

We can absolutely see and feel the difference, so we ask Jeff Gold to articulate what exactly it IS that makes his sofas so hefty, luxurious and lasting.

1.  CRAFTSMANSHIP:  Taylor Scott furniture pieces are produced one at a time in the U.S., Taylor Scott furniture makers are craftsmen, they make a living wage. Because the pieces are not mass produced, quality control is inherent in the process. 

2. FRAME:  All Taylor Scott frames are 100% alder wood, never soft woods or worse, composite. Joints are double doweled, corner blocked, glued and screwed into place. They will not loosen with time, as is the reality for furniture made with soft woods or man-made materials. Tempered steel springs are hand set and tied into the frame at 4 inches apart. All frames and spring systems carry a lifetime guarantee.

3. FOAM: the finest HR (high resiliency) foam makes a big difference when you take a seat. Chinese foam is not acceptable and never used.

4. FEATHERS: All foam is wrapped in white goose down, triple washed and sanitized, and capable of delivering loft. They never use duck feathers, which are oily.

5. FABRICS: Top quality, pre-washed fabrics, washable cording, the finest thread and an over-locking sewing technique ensure the comfort and durability of all upholstery and slipcovers. The slipcovers have such a great fit, many cannot tell they are slips!

So there it is… the big things to look for when purchasing a sofa or chair you intend to use. It’s a shame that more companies aren’t as dogged about producing quality furniture, covering up shoddy craftsmanship with style and flattering photography. And while these furnishings may have a slightly smaller price tag than their hand-crafted Taylor Scott counterparts, they are by no means inexpensive. 

We love selling Taylor Scott because the furniture arrives well-done, and customers are always thrilled with their pieces once at home, in use. If you’d like to road test a Taylor Scott sofa, come and take a seat at Schuyler Pond. We won’t rush you out!  

Quest for Quality

Schuyler Pond - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quality Found.

Searching for that Elusive Quality Factor in A Disposable World.
Understanding and Appreciating Quality in Home Décor, Furniture,
Home Fragrance, Food & Friggin’ Everything!

We all appreciate the quick fix goodie ...  pretty, tasty, new, spontaneous ... And cheap.  And sometimes, inexpensive is good, and enough.  Trouble is, we are becoming addicted to the cheap, things that momentarily satisfy, but in the end, just disappoint.

At Schuyler Pond, we are constantly faced with the quality/affordability conundrum in product selection.  So we thought it would be worthwhile – from our little realm -- to talk about the elements and ingredients that make something look good, feel good, smell good, taste good, and last.   What will follow is a series of conversations with some of our vendors whose products, we feel, are well-done and meticulously crafted with pride.  These special companies consistently show us the value of quality in the every day.

First up …

Katie Camarro, owner of Sundae’s Best Hot Fudge Sauce.  This Greenfield, NY-based company has been delivering its hot fudge sauce to local stores and markets for 13 years.  The company is wrapped around a grandmother’s original recipe and has evolved into a regional favorite. 

This is the scoop on hot fudge, according to Katie, who carefully grows her line with new flavors but stays true to her simple premise: 5 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS.  Butter, sugar, half-and-half, cocoa and chocolate.  Plus a salt-based preservative for freshness. That’s it.  And this is why Sundae’s Best is creamy, smooth, spreadable and tastes great by the spoonful, all by itself.

Average supermarket hot fudge choices generally contain 12-15 ingredients, including high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors, etc.  So when you buy Sundae’s Best (we sell it for $11), it really is about what you’re not getting as much as what you are getting. 

Beyond sublime deliciousness, know that every spoonful of Sundae’s Best supports local dairies, Fair Trade cocoa purveyors and community employment.  Give a gift of quality. Treat yourself to a taste of quality.  Spread the joy.

Watering Done. Online Store Begun. Ahhhh... Schuyler Pond's New Online Store Opens. Enjoy Unique & Thoughtful Gifts, Easy Shopping & Free Shipping.

Schuyler Pond - Sunday, July 20, 2014

It’s beautiful summer, thankfully, the flowers are in full bloom and we are all enthusiastically tending to their pretty needs. Inside Schuyler Pond, home décor and accessories in bright palettes are on display as well. Fun, fruity striped Dash and Albert rugs mingle with bold pink and orange chenille pillows. Luscious pear shaped candles are luminous in turquoise, lavender, pink and raspberry. Burleigh blue transfer ware pitchers are filled with summer bouquets. Room vignettes have been refreshed and reworked to express the lighter side of life we all covet this time of year. 

We are also pleased (super-pleased, relieved, happy) to announce that our online store, Schuyler Pond Curated Gifts ( is up and running! To start, nine thoughtfully gathered gifts, featuring some of our favorite things, are available, beautifully packaged and mailed for your convenience. We are very excited to embark on this online adventure, honing our selections to meet your needs – the effortless delivery of unique, hand-picked gifts. New gifts will be added regularly. 

Finally, please feel free to comment on our offerings. We truly welcome suggestions as we move forward.




Displaying Your Cup Collection: Stacking & Piling Allowed

Schuyler Pond - Monday, June 30, 2014
My mother and I collect vintage china: teacups, mustache cups, baby cups, and pitchers mostly. And we’re fierce competitors in this niche sport, always on the look out for luster, written sentiments or phrases (“From a Friend,” “Mother,” “Remember Me”), rich color, images of children. The difficulty becomes displaying collections as they grow, so we have learned to stack and pile.

Pretty, bountiful and out of the way, we are loving how our cups look piled in a bowl or layered on a mantle. It is not necessary to see every detail of each prized treasure. Just good enough to know they’re safe, shiny, and popping out of my bowls … and not my mother’s!

For Mom: How Do We Love She? Let Us Count The Ways .. Thoughtfully Gathered Mother's Day Gifts

Schuyler Pond - Friday, May 09, 2014
Thoughtfully Gathered Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day is coming, and so, too, the opportunity to treat the Moms in your life to something special.

We've put together some gifts sure to please, all carefully selected and beautifully wrapped.


The Happy Gift

Fun, nostalgic book: Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book, Vintage inspired Juice Glasses from Fish's Eddy, beautiful "Carmen" tea towel, and three fragrant soaps -- Lemongrass Verbena, Rosewater Jasmine and Passion Flower.


Baker's Delights
Beautiful book: Butter Baked Goods, Mason Cash Bowl, a World's Greatest Double-Helix Rapid Whisk Junior, Pinch/Dash/Smidgen Measuring Spoons, mini Morsel Cup Cake Cases, Pretty Printed Doilies, a pretty pear candle and a "Kya" lace-trimmed tea towel.



Pig Palooza
A charming linen pig from Maileg, three little pigs soaps, and hogs & kisses notepad.



Flowers and Pom Poms
Stunning coffee table book: Flowers for the Home and a luxurious, touchable faux fur throw with pom pom edge detail.

Happiness by the Yard: Fabric in Saratoga Springs, NY

Schuyler Pond - Friday, April 18, 2014

Decorate, drape and upholster with Fabric by the Yard from Schuyler Pond!

Come peruse our collection of full-size swatches … beautiful silks, linens, brocades, velvets and embroidery from premier fabric houses Pillow Talk, Bella Notte and Taylor Scott. A special note: All Belle Notte and Taylor Scott offerings are, unbelievably, washable! Perfect for slipcovers.

Happy Drawers: Using Drawers for Display

Schuyler Pond - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

While setting up the rooms for our most recent photo shoot, we had some fun with drawers. While not exactly wildly innovative, drawer display IS a great way to make your pitchers and pictures, bowls and collectibles seem more special for being gathered together and lovingly encased.

Pink Burleigh pitchers, orange and pink sweetheart roses, red mercury glass vases, and some vintage floral bowls assemble happily in this humble, low profile drawer with rusted pull.

This drawer display delivers … on the wall. A jar of roses, an airy red poppy and framed sheet music seem just right grouped together. And the top of the drawer provides a shelf for other favorite things.

Tomboy Pretty: Centerpiece Design Idea

Schuyler Pond - Saturday, March 29, 2014

Designing a Centerpiece Using an Iron Pulley

First day that actually feels a bit like Spring in nearly 6 months of a very long winter. People are in the store and Kris and I are working on a centerpiece design idea utilizing a very handsome old iron pulley. Interesting in its own right, we thought we’d add a plant or some other tokens of Spring to give it repurposed appeal. Now our handsome pulley actually seems pretty, in that tomboy sort of way.

Key ingredient: Pliant, preserved moss. Tucks into all the little nooks and crannies easily, and is a bright, fresh base to whatever else gets added.

Original Pulley: sturdy, hardworking with great patina, earned from years of honest work.

Planted Pully: industrial edge looks great with a delicate angel vine planting.

Adorned Pulley: transformed again with bright moss, a cement bird and some glass eggs for Spring. Easily part of this sideboard grouping.

Greetings from Schuyler Pond...

Schuyler Pond - Friday, March 28, 2014

And so, we begin to blog. But the notion of coming up with so many insightful and original thoughts, ideas, projects and experiences seems feral cat crazy!  We think it better to try to just share.  Between myself (Amanda), Val, Lynn, Kris and Maureen – each of us creators of our own happy spaces – we will spread the word on anything that seems worthy, inspiring, pretty or interesting, however small, to please the eye and curate a home. 

Suggestions welcome. We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Amanda