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Green is Good.

As I sit here looking out at the new snow piling up on last week's 20 inches of snow, I thought we could all use a dose of green. Vibrant, life-affirming, good-in-any season, glorious green. I can never get enough. Outside, it is perfection, getting along with the landscape in any season, in any locale. Perfect on doors, gates, outdoor furniture, beat up furniture that, painted green, spruces up the porch, accents, pots, urns and birdhouses. Green at once blends in, and stands out; feels a bit shocking but also harmonious. And inside too, a pop of green makes people happy, provides a freshness that is an ideal backdrop for other colors and is a standout in its own right. In these photos, I went mad for Benjamin Moore's Dark Celery and Olive Moss. I couldn't stop. Dust off some tired pieces and get busy painting. You won't be able to stop either!

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Sharon Dwyer Bolton
Sharon Dwyer Bolton
Feb 08, 2019

I am SO in love with your GREEN collection!! How many coats do you use on those old pieces?

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