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Name This Cat.

There is a new cat in town. Handsome, green-eyed, with dense fur, a ready purr and quirky attitude. The old Schuyler Pond had Pretty, the gorgeous little tuxedo cat, with the loudest pidgeon-like purr ever. The new Schuyler Pond at the Farm has a cat with no name. We've tried Magic and Rocket and Bowie on for size, and even Magic Rocket Bowie all strung together for a rock and roll vibe. Still, no name officially. Maybe he's just so cute, and cool, charming and aloof, that he cannot be named. Are we just too infatuated? Too mesmerized? Too hypnotized by his cat-ness? Can't be, right? We ask for your help on this important matter. Help us name this cat, and if we use the name, you will get a gift. Just send us a message with your suggestions!


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