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We Heart Jennifer Lanne!

Merging friendship with partnership since 2014, Schuyler Pond and local artist Jennifer Lanne have been hard at working building a colorful line of home & lifestyle products that boast her signature images. Jen is a true original .... she lives in the uttermost charming of farmhouses on Devil's Hop Lane and works in a secret studio in the back of the barn which also houses her menagerie of pets. There's Darlin' the cow, Archer the squirrel, a family of cats and too many fancy chickens to count. And in this inspiring space she paints away. I am one of Jen's biggest fans and am always thinking about what we might be able to make next. To date, there are pillows, throws, paper placemats, eiderdowns, pochettes and stone tiles. But stay tuned, we've been dreaming and scheming of new products and new ways to bring them to you! Check here as well as to see what we have in store!

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